The Recovery Project

our grounded journey

August - september 2020

it started with an idea

It started as a ‘recovery project.’ To celebrate the people who help us do what we do and who, like us, are struggling through COVID.

Bring their stories to life through wine, record and share what we did together live on our Facebook page.

Oh – and do it in all less than 8 weeks.

The artist

The arts have been hammered by COVID so we commisioned Gill Hicks, a talented Adelaide artist, to create art that we’d feature on the labels….

…..we did not expect her to use the actual wine and the soil from the vineyards as her paint!

mclaren vale's finest

Good friend Christophe Forel helped us choose a barrel of Shiraz and a barrel of Grenache, that when blended together would create a wine of finesse.

The Shiraz Grenache was born.

the best of the barossa

Iconic Barossa winemaker Rolf Binder helped us blend a barrel of powerful Shiraz with a barrel of textured Mataro (the Barossa name for Mourvedre grapes).

The Shiraz Mataro was born.

The designer

Remarkable State label designer Todd Engelsma was tasked with creating a screwcap and carton design…before the label artwork was finished.

Then later create the label from Gill Hick’s artwork.

Our process was 100% back to front. He smashed it.

the race against time

This whole process usually takes 10 – 25 weeks but our suppliers were up to the challenge.

Orora Capsules produced the stunning screwcaps with 3 days to spare.

Label Partners printed the labels just 2 days before bottling.

The result

Less than 800 bottles of two stunning and unique wines.

Limited and one off releases, these are wines designed to be enjoyed with the people that matter.

our thanks

We’re overwhelmed with gratitude for the effort everyone involved put into make this project a success.


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