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adversity brings out the best in people

Times got tough for many during COVID, but attitudes and spirits remained high. In response, we started our ‘Recovery Project’ as a way of highlighting suppliers and friends who have helped us on our journey.

Gill Hicks, friend and artist, had seen her own year thrown upside down, so I asked her to focus her talents on a piece of artwork we could use as a wine label.

The Creativity

Gill relished the challenge and in turn challenged me to bring her soil from the vineyards. If the wine came from this soil, so too should the label.

Her energy and passion for the project matched my own. She boiled down wine to deepen the colour, blended some with white wine to lighten it. So many variables, so much creativity.

The suspense

Her work was swift, but it still took a couple of weeks – drying times of wine on canvas were causing problems. The solution was for Gill to turn the heat up in her home studio… transforming her house into a giant sauna!

The anticipation was enormous, so you can see the relief and delight on my face when it finally became time for her to reveal the final artworks.

Reverse reveal

The next step was for Remarkable State designer Todd Engelsma to turn the artwork into a wine label. We tweaked and tinkered on many drafts before I was confident they were ready. I printed some mock ups, stuck them on bottles and took them to show Gill.

It was time for a reverse reveal….which didn’t quite go as planned.

Grouned barossa

Created with Barossa Shiraz and Mataro wine along with soil from a 70 year old vineyard, this piece has the hallmark depth and intensity of the Barossa character.

Grouned Mclaren vale

Using both Shiraz and Grenache wine and some soil from a young Mclaren Vale Shiraz vineyard, this piece represents well the brightness and vibrancy of Mclaren Vale Grenache.

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