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Pride of Place: it means something that is held in special esteem. That’s how I see South Australia.

This stunning state, five times the size of my homeland, England, captured my heart when I moved here in 1997.

It’s breadth of stunning landscapes from the world’s oldest rocks to vast desert skies, from its lifeblood river to the blazing white beaches, from tranquil green hills to fertile valleys.

From those valleys and hills come the wines that enchant and excite the senses.

This state fires the imagination and creates craftspeople who tinker and tweak. People who have inspired me and people with whom I collaborate.

The state is remarkable, and deserves Pride of Place.

Rob Turnbull Remarkable State

Rob turnbull

I moved from England to Australia in 1997 after working a vintage at a Barossa Valley winery…and falling in love with a local girl.

Ever since, I’ve been in the wine industry, first studying wine and then working with wineries both first small, then large.

This is about spending quality time with mates, creating something that brings enjoyment to others and having a lot of fun along the way.

South Australia

our values

Our philosophy for bringing our wines from grape through to bottle is centred around these 5 ideals:

Be local – Our label designer is a 2 minute drive away, our label printer a 5 minute drive. This gives us both more time to work on the important things as well as a deep sense of place.

Appreciate the little things – from small batches to little wins, we embrace being a small brand. It means we can celebrate and focus on all the little things that take our wines to the next level.

Help others – it’s not about us, it’s all about the people we meet along the journey. We do give local clubs, our suppliers and customers a leg up as we know, what goes around, comes around.

Cherish relationships – from friends to business contacts to the many people who are both. Nothing we do is possible without our strong and two way relationships. Plus no one likes drinking alone.

One day at a time – every day is an opportunity to build on what we do, smell the roses and sweep away the rubbish. Lets never forget to make the most of every day.

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