1836 – The Birth of the Remarkable State

600 odd people had travelled 5 months to the other side of the planet to found a new colony in uncharted land.

On 28 December 1836 the last of the ships arrived carrying the all important governor, which to everyone’s relief meant that the colony could finally get underway. At 3 pm at a formal ceremony, a proclamation was read out in front of around 200 colonists announcing the commencement of colonial government.

It was said to be 38 degrees that day and most of the colonists were ill prepared for hot weather, particularly for formal occasions where one’s finest outfit was expected. Little wonder they gathered under the shade of a large gum tree.

Painted in 1856, apparently a lot of ‘creative licence’ was used to make it look as orderly and well organised as befits the occasion.

Poor old Robert Gouger had one hell of a proclamation day. As colonial secretary he had to organise much of the event and even had the swearing in ceremonies take place in his tent – with his heavily pregnant and sick wife lying in the other corner!

Interestingly a great deal of the actual proclamation read out on the day focused on aboriginals, ensuring all present understood that the local natives had the same rights as the colonists and were to be treated accordingly. Very high virtues indeed.

And so it started. We name some of our finest alternate varietal wines after the year ‘1836’ while our main range immortalises ‘Proclamation.’

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