Ultra small batch

Limited release blends

Fine wine – without the pomp

Our story

An Englishman moved to South Australia and fell in love with the place.
Rob Turnbull worked at wineries, made a bunch of winemaker and vigneron friends but wanted more.
More freedom, more interesting wines, more time with friends.
So with the help of his mates he started producing his own wines, the types he’d want to drink with friends and family.
Wines from South Australia, The Remarkable State.

Our covid recovery project

The challenge: two wines from barrel to market in less than 40 days

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small batch

We’re quality focused and simply don’t have the capability to mass produce anything. All our wines are small-medium batch, we do single barrel, double barrel wines as well as small tank bottlings.

james halliday rated

“The wine quality and value for money is good, the labels cleverly designed”

James Halliday